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Real Estate has been the mainstay of wealth creation for the majority of Australians for more than half a century.  In the property investment professionals industry which has had more than its share of get rich quick “cowboys”, Xcela has built an enviable reputation for quality advice and high integrity.

Xcela are Property Investment Professionals

You could be forgiven for asking who Xcela Wealth is.  We don’t have a high “advertising” profile because most of our business comes from referrals from our happy clients.  Our reputation has been built over time and through scrupulous attention to our clients needs.  You see, while we are property investment professionals, we are not building a business on one off transactions.  Our business is built on developing long term relationships with our clients.  We want to work with you, over the long term, developing and implementing a wealth strategy that meets your personal needs for security, stability and comfort.

Why Use Xcela Wealth?

If you want more financial independence, we can help you. We pride ourselves on assessing your individual needs and working with you to achieve your financial life goals and achieve them earlier than you otherwise could.  The Xcela team has over 40 years of experience doing exactly this for people like you.

We work with people from all walks of life and understand that everyone comes to us with different experiences, expectations and financial capacity.  Forget about “one plan fits all” type solutions.  They are designed only to make money for the marketer promoting them.  For real peace of mind you want a personalised service, from someone who understands your goals and wants to work with you over the long term.

Can You Trust Xcela?

As we mentioned above, most of our customers come to us from referrals from other happy “customers” who are really more like extended family than customers.  That doesn’t happen unless we are open, honest and trustworthy.  Come and talk to us and experience the difference that Xcela Wealth can offer.

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